thoughts on legacy

Things I Hope My Kids Forget
– The clutter on the kitchen counter and on my bedroom floor
– The times Mommy forgot about dinner until 4 pm and we ended up with some weird combination of items to eat
– The days when Mommy was easily frustrated with them
– The many times they were told, “No, that costs too much money.”
– Mommy’s lack of enthusiasm for playing the same pretend-to-be-fish-hiding-from-sharks game for an hour straight

Things I Hope My Kids Remember

– The fact that Mommy played the same pretend-to-be-fish-hiding-from-sharks game for an hour straight
– The fact that Mommy let them collect worms and keep them in buckets on the kitchen counter, gave them baggies to try to grow all kinds of seeds in the window, and had shallow containers of water ready to accept plucked dandelions and other weedy treasures
– The gazillion-and-one space-themed projects Mommy came up with to feed their fascination with planets
– The sight of Mommy slithering out from under the bed or crawling out from the back of the closet amidst delighted squeals of “WE FOUND YOU!”
– Our walks and bike rides together, inevitably leading us to stop and ponder some unusual plant, help a stray worm, smell some flowers, or throw sticks into the creek
– Snuggling up on the couch together to read books
– Love. Joy. Security. Wonder. Curiosity.