Meet the Crew

[Pictures are way out-of-date, but they’ll have to wait…]

Peatie, at ten, is a perfectionistic plodder (like Mommy and Grandpa–with Daddy’s ADHD thrown in for good measure!) who is obsessed with games of every sort.  He enjoys playing board and computer/console games, coding games on Scratch, watching Daddy play games on the computer or on his old consoles, and inventing his own games for others to play.  His greatest delight is to direct a game for his siblings, and he often takes the role of computer, generating options for their gameplay and giving verbal feedback as to the results of their character’s actions.  These games are often supplemented with chalk drawings or playground balls outdoors or Lego figures and structures indoors.  In addition to this, he is passionate about taking long bike rides with Daddy (and seeing if he can break his speed record), playing guitar and piano, trying to make money, talking a blue streak, and pondering all things math-related.

Goober, a child who had the misfortune to be termed The Newb at birth and thus ended up as Newber Goober during her first week of life, is a natural athlete.  Constantly on the move, nine-year-old Goobie loves running, climbing, and dancing.  She is the type of child for whom everything comes easily, both physically and academically. Unfortunately, being used to acquiring new skills with ease means that she reacts poorly whenever something is mildly difficult for her.  Goobie loves to imagine, especially if she can call the shots.  She enjoys organizing classes or clubs for her brothers, joining them in outdoor adventures, and playing games with them (unless she’s losing).  On her own, she loves to dance, cartwheel, and create–drawing, sewing, painting, baking, writing, salvaging recyclables to turn into masterpieces…

Our youngest was supposed to be nicknamed Ender.  It had dignity, it had a literary reference…it didn’t stick.  The name that stuck for this poor fellow is Pookie.  Now seven, Pookster has always given us a run for our money.  Anxiety medication has made a world of difference for this little man in the past two years, allowing him to shift his energy from perpetual shouting to showcasing his exuberant personality.  He’s both the ham of the family and a master pest, always full of energy.  When he’s not participating in an activity organized by one of his older siblings, Pookie is busily imagining with his stuffed buddies or a cadre of Lego people.  He loves to march around the house with imaginary weapons, build assorted Lego vehicles, tell nonsensical jokes, and read nonfiction and Greek mythology.

John-Love is the wonderful man who puts up with us all.  His genetics run strong, since everyone says that all three of the kids look like him.  ‘Love is both an avid reader and an avid gamer.  He appreciates good food and good beer—neither of which he gets much of around here.  He is an awesome dad and a faithful and thoughtful spouse.

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3 thoughts on “Meet the Crew

  1. Hi there, I was trying to figure out how to send you an email, but as you can see, I didn’t! Anyway, (I should have asked you before) I hope it’s ok that I am sharing some of your posts on my blog. I am fairly new to blogging, and I don’t want to step on any toes! I really enjoyed the posts, so I passed them on because I thought that so many could relate. I reblogged the first one, and did “press this” for the second. Both show your blog information. Hope it’s ok!!

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