top three reasons to love a humid day

After a long and exhausting hiatus, I have returned with this important announcement: There are reasons why humidity is not quite as awful as it might seem.  Here they are, all three of them:

1. Quick cleaning.  There’s so much condensation on the basement floor and around the toilet that all you need is a dry rag and a quick squirt of soap.  Not yet convinced?  How about…

2. Playdoh solution.  That Playdoh the kids forgot to put away (or merely accidentally crumbled all over the floor)?  It’s not dried out.  In fact, it’s more moist and malleable than ever!  Or there’s always reason #3…

3. A Hair-ible excuse.  Bad hair day?  Didn’t have the energy to brush it at all?  Couldn’t care less how you look because the kids have sapped every last ounce of your energy and laid a claim on all future energy for the next two decades?  At least you have an excuse ready in case someone else DOES care.  Blame it on the weather.

Aren’t you glad I bothered to blog today?