12 activities to improve fine-motor coordination

If you’re like me, occasionally you’ll notice that your kid is a real whiz at some things, but perhaps a bit weak in other areas.  Last fall I was noticing that Peatie, who was doing great at gross-motor and imaginative stuff, seemed to be frustrated by fine-motor tasks.  In order to help him out, I brainstormed activities that develop fine-motor skills.

  • Art projects that involve coloring and cutting
  • Doing puzzles
  • Wooden train set
  • Self-care like buttoning a shirt and putting on shoes
  • Putting coins in a piggybank, then opening the hatch to release them
  • Building with toys like Duplos or wooden blocks
  • Lacing cards (make your own with some cardboard, a hole punch, and a shoelace)
  • Stringing beads (or noodles!)
  • Making things with PlayDoh
  • Pouring (we used pinto beans in the kitchen or water in the tub)
  • Screwing a nut onto a bolt (we have toy ones that came with a toy tool kit)
  • Sorting small objects (coins, colored fishy crackers)

With the goal of fine-motor development at the forefront, I encouraged the kids to participate in at least a few of these activities each week.  While we’re not perfecting our cursive (or even buttoning our own buttons yet), I have seen a distinct improvement.