the most wonderful time of the year?

I know the song talks about Christmas, but sometimes I feel like the end of summer is the most wonderful time of the year.

Summer is lovely and all–the pools are open, there’s the excitement of a vacation, and the days stretch open and free.  But after vacation is over, that “open and free” really starts to stretch.  No one plans anything, because they’re all busy managing their own vacation plans or are trying to avoid any and all public spaces because they are currently overrun with kids who aren’t in school because it’s summer.  You didn’t join any summer-long activities because of that pesky two weeks you’d miss while you were visiting relatives on vacation.  You (or at least I) can only afford to sign up for one week-long summer activity per kid lest you go broke.  So by the time August rolls around, everyone is getting pretty sick of everyone else in the house and is starting to look forward to going places and doing things again.

In a few months I may be lamenting the dreadful hamster wheel of Fall–always running to get everything done and get everywhere we need to be–but at the moment, the dawn of a new school year is looking glorious.  In the spirit of new school years, I was busy pondering our homeschool space, and that had me thinking about all the many changes it has undergone.  (After all, it’s been eight months since my last major furniture/location switch, and that may be the longest I’ve ever gone before changing things up!)  At any rate, since I love seeing people’s homeschool spaces, I thought I’d post some pictures of our workspace through the years on a page of their own.  Enjoy!


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