lent: devotions for families, week 2

Ash Wednesday

Little Pookie carefully colors his Ash Wednesday image.

Last week I shared with you the first “week” (starting on Ash Wednesday) of stories from the life of Christ that I compiled to walk my family through Lent.  My kids were all excited to color their mosaic images, though I think their favorite day so far has been Ash Wednesday, with Daddy burning leaves and Mommy putting ashes on their foreheads.  (Our church has no building and thus no way to do mid-week events, but the older two kids remembered our doing this at home last year!)

If you missed out on last week, you can still feel free to join in the remainder of the journey.  This coming week, we follow Jesus through his early ministry, from his first miracle and the calling of his disciples to his early days of teaching and healing.

Here is the PDF of Week 2 of the Family Lenten Devotionals: ThisIsLoveWeek2

I shared the daily mosaic images for the whole series in my original post, so if you’d like your kids to color along with the stories, feel free to get them from last week’s post.


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