even in australia

If my head weren’t attached, I would have lost it at least a dozen times in these past several weeks.

The other day, I was going to make Chicken Parmesan.  I forgot to get Parmesan when I went to the grocery store, so I asked my mom if I could borrow some of hers.  Unfortunately, I also forgot to take her Parmesan home with me after I visited her house.  Later in the day, she kindly dropped by to bring me the forgotten cheese.  As she handed me the container, she said, “I shut your car door.  Did you know you had left it open?”  I’d parked the car in the driveway several hours before her Parmesan pit-stop.

I guess some days (weeks, months–hopefully not years) are like that, even in Australia.

Some day when I can get my head above water and catch my breath (and perhaps get a decent night of sleep–see previous post–and finish any of the THREE large house projects I’m currently serving as general-contractor for), I shall blog regularly again.  For now–“Glub-glub” is “farewell” (until later) for the drowning among us.


3 thoughts on “even in australia

  1. I’m glad you got your Parmesan cheese in the end. I would’ve been ready to go crazy if in the end we ended up with no cheese lol. Enjoy your rest 🙂

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