we all need somebody to lean on

Kids sharing an apple

Even apples are better when shared.

Last weekend, we had a little fair in town.  Since we’ve read a few books about people going to the fair (and because ‘Love has a weakness for elephant ears), we took the kids.  We strolled around, people-watching.  After we’d walked through the whole thing, Peatie asked, “Daddy, can I go down that big slide?”  We explained that it cost money to do anything at the fair, but we agreed that we would buy him tickets to the slide as long as he understood that once he handed over his tickets, he HAD to slide down.  Goobie decided she wanted to slide, too, so ‘Love bought the tickets ($4 worth!) and walked the kids up the loooong staircase.  He admitted later that as soon as they were situated on their felt sacks, he wished them luck and gave them a quick shove before they could change their minds.

Recounting this adventure the following day, Peatie confided, “I was feeling a little bit scared, Mommy, but Goobie was there with me, so then I thought that I really didn’t have to feel scared anymore.”  That struck me as pretty glorious insight from a three-year-old: so much of life is more bearable (fun, even) with a friend.  I hope that my children can continue to be there for each other as they grow older, and I pray that they find others to surround them, too, as they age—friends, spouses, neighbors…a whole community of people to do life with them.  Life is lived much better in community.


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