the leibster award (sort of)

The other day, Defining Motherhood was thoughtful enough to nominate me for the Leibster Award.  What an honor to have a complete stranger think I’m worthy of sharing tea!  Since this is a bit of a hectic week over here in Mommyland due to our impending trip to The Cottage, I’ll post an abbreviated version of the award:

First, eleven random things about myself:

  1. I am sitting on a couch that used to belong to my parents.
  2. Said couch is now over a decade old.  We sincerely hope it lasts about a decade more because
  3. Our children are really hard on furniture.  And on things in general.
  4. When we moved, we had to replace our carpet.  (Trust me, it was gross.  The lady bought the house in 1971 and said her husband would never let her get new carpet.)  But now we’re hoping it’s not ruined by our very urpy baby, the third of our hard-on-things children.
  5. I just got back from rocking said baby for the fourth time tonight, and it’s only ten o’clock.
  6. Our house has large bedrooms, but there are only three of them.  Having a baby share a room with a big sibling seems to mean more rocking than would otherwise be necessary.
  7. I should be going to bed now, since all signs seem to point to a rocky night and
  8. I was very cranky already today, much to my dismay (and my children’s).
  9. Posting things on my blog always takes me vastly longer than I think it ought to
  10. So it’s likely that you’re reading this the day after it was written because
  11. I have a hard time falling asleep unless I do something relaxing first, like reading.  Which means I get to bed a half-hour after I appear to get to bed.

Next, I’ll answer Defining Motherhood’s eleven questions:

  1. Do you still have your tonsils?  Yup—tonsils, adenoids, appendix, I’ve got it all!  (Well, I am missing half of three vertebrae, and I’m pretty certain I’ve lost my dignity somewhere along the line.)
  2. Would you bungee jump?  I think terror would get the best of me.  I’d love to do a zip line canopy tour, though.
  3. What was the last book you read?  I’m not quite sure how to answer this one, since I’ve had two non-fiction and one fiction book going at the same time for a while.  (I used to be incredulous that anyone would start more than one book at the same time, and now I have a book to read in my bedroom, one in the living room, and one on top of the computer desk.  I’m that desperate for a break.)  My most recently completed book was Christians Are Hate-Filled Hypocrites and Other Lies You’ve Been Told by Bradley Wright.  Interesting, but a bit statistic-heavy for my taste (and focused on Evangelicals, which I’m not).
  4. What is stashed under your bed?  My portfolio filled with my favorite artwork (high school to present) and an underbed tote with fabric scraps and framed photographs that I took, developed, hung, and hope to hang again someday.
  5. What is the kindest thing someone has done for you this week? Besides this nomination?  My parents gave ‘Love and I a gift certificate for a local restaurant and watched the kids so we could enjoy a date in the midst of this crazy week.
  6. Is there a movie you have watched more than a dozen times?  Nope.  I used to watch movies occasionally, but I’ve never had one that I saw more than a few times, and now I find I have less and less time for movie-watching (or anything else) with each added child…  (Wait!  Unless you count The Letter Factory or Winnie the Pooh’s 123s or the Read and Share Bible DVDs!  We watch ‘em once in a while, but since I have so few, I’ve probably seen them each a dozen times each in the last year-and-a-half.)
  7. When you have an hour to yourself, how do you spend it?  My free time is generally taken by 1) Work, 2) Volunteering as secretary for MOMS Club, 3) Puttering on the computer, specifically checking email and blog posts, and 4) Reading.  If I’ve had a chance to do all that in the day, I work on my impossible sewing project.
  8. What is your least favorite chore around the house?  Lately I’ve been despising laundry.  The more kids I have, the more eternal it seems: think you’ve got it all clean, and you miraculously find another load worth of stuff that was just dirtied.  I used to hate cleaning showers, but baking soda and a weekly cleaning schedule have made that a cinch.
  9. Saturday or Sunday?  Ooooh, tough one.  I think Sunday.  We typically go to church (which I really enjoy), eat lunch at my parents’ house (no cooking AND help with the kids!), and make our own pizza for supper (I like traditions).  Often ‘Love will haul the biguns to a park or on a walk and give me some free time in the afternoon, too!
  10. What was your favorite children’s book?  Bread and Jam for Frances by Russell and Lillian Hoban.  Really, I liked most of their books as a kid, and I still do.  I also like Mercer Mayer’s Little Critter books, which I loved as a kid.
  11. Was the recognition worth this hassle?  Sure?

Now I’m supposed to nominate eleven folks for this award.  In the interest of time, I’m going to substitute some links to worthwhile recent posts by other folks who (I think…) are relatively new to the blogosphere, like I am.  I’ll go with four, because it’s a strange number for a list like eleven, and it sure will save me time.  Here they are:

  • Victoria over at Busy House Big Heart shares her pregnancy paranoia and pet peeves in her 17 week update.
  • barrentoblessed reflects on the gift of motherhood in Motherhood Dreams.
  • rookiemomadventures shares how her little guy helps her to add a little levity to her life in Finding the Fun.
  • gravyhonk over at I Made a Human, Now What? will have you chuckling at her kid (and yours?) and reflecting on your response in Conference.

Happy reading!


6 thoughts on “the leibster award (sort of)

  1. Hi, thanks for the nominations, I finally got a post written, but I can’t figure out the links, grrr. I am trying to make it so it links back here. Any advice would be awesome!!!! Happy Friday 🙂

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