the computer conundrum

One of the greatest problems I face in feeling like an effective parent is posed by the glories of the computer.  I use the computer to write (both for pay and for fun), to compile album pages for my children, to research home improvement ideas, to learn about anything that strikes my fancy, to connect with others via email and sites like Facebook…  In short, nearly every hobby or occupation I might consider (other than reading, which I still do in the good old-fashioned paper form) utilizes the computer.  So where am I drawn in any free moment I might have?  You guessed it!

I fear that this seemingly perpetual drive-by computer use will seem to my children an obsession, as if I love the computer more than I love them.  How then shall I live in an age where the computer dominates my life?  How can I pursue my interests without teaching an unhealthy addiction to the computer and all it has to offer?  How do I maintain my connection to the outside world while still giving my children the attention they need and deserve?  Anyone?  Beuller?


One thought on “the computer conundrum

  1. I struggle with this too; nearly everything I would do for fun involves the computer somehow. I’m all about independent play and doing my own thing while the little guy plays, but I often find myself stuck with what to do.

    I don’t want to hop on the computer every single time he’s playing by himself or else he might think that computers and technology trumps other hobbies. Usually I’ll write in a notebook or read a book but yes, I feel you! I often would rather type away on my laptop!

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