project: impossible

Have you ever started a project knowing it was insane from the get-go?  Perhaps I’m feeling feisty, having succeeded at my valance (which, while not very complex for some folks, was more detailed than I’ve tried before).  Or maybe I was just looking for a challenge to keep me sane (I’m a goal-oriented mommy).  At any rate…

Element number one: My mother-in-law saved quite a number of my husband’s old toys, passing them on to us when we had our first child.  One of the things she passed along was a substantial collection of Micro Machines.  (Remember those?)  I think that these teeny vehicles are tons of fun—but I remembered all the nifty play-scenes you could buy for them, and I thought that the cars would be even more fun with props like those.  One look at Amazon convinced me that they weren’t going to happen for us.   (I don’t care how cool it is, I can’t justify spending $1 per square inch of plastic.)

Enter element number two: My son’s fascination with location and direction.  Last year, he was constantly asking us what each street was named; this year, he always wants to know where the train tracks, streams, and streets go.  “Wouldn’t it be nice if I had a map I could show him that he’d actually understand?  Not like you’d usually get, but one with all the landmarks he’d recognize, so he could mentally put it all together?”

Cloth map in progress

Here’s my progress so far–some soap lines plus the water.

Thus, The Impossible Project was born.  I am now attempting to make a three-dimensional map of the area where we spend most of our time—including most of our town, as well as some of two neighboring towns.  This whole project will be crafted from assorted fabric scraps I have around the house.  It will include (at a somewhat modified scale) the roads we drive most often, the restaurants and stores we see and visit, and all the railroad tracks and drainage ditches in the area.  I plan to make usable bridges, and I’m even going to try to make the buildings three-dimensional (and with appropriate store name/logo) to help my kids see why buildings are drawn as squares on maps, when they’re really not flat like that.

I started by drawing my map on an old curtain with a sliver of soap.  (I couldn’t find it in our sewing stuff, so I just grabbed what was left in the shower.)  Next I added the ditches in blue fabric.  I’m currently trying to sort out how to best make the lines on the streets before attaching the first of those.

Will I succeed at this?  It’s anyone’s guess.  My goal is to have it done by this Christmas.  Or maybe by next Christmas.  (On a side note: if you told me even a year ago that sewing would be my creative outlet, I would’ve been surprised; and yet, here I am, sewing.)

What’s your Impossible Project?


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