the why and wherefore of blogging (for me, at least)

I love to write.  I always have loved writing.  My earliest “books” were written backwards with poor spelling and stories that made no sense.  In the years since then, I have continued to write off-and-on for various purposes.  I wrote research papers in high school, essays and stories for college writing courses, journals for personal reflection, and even news stories and interviews for my very-part-time job.

When I became a mom, almost all my recreation either stopped or became instantly focused on the little people in my life.  I now write to record my children’s lives, read books written for little people or about them, and use my creativity and artistry to create toys, games, and other kid-centric items.

I want to give my children everything.  Perhaps you can sympathize.  I want their worlds to be full of wonder, their perspectives broadened by the activities and experiences I provide.  This glorious vision, of course, comes to a screeching halt when it meets my budget.  And so I have pulled out my creative stops, as it were, in an attempt to bring the world to my children—on a shoestring budget.  Herein, I shall log my efforts, both successes and failures, to provide my children with creative toys, cultural experiences, and the joy of discovery.  I shall also share the journey of motherhood in all its spit-up-coated glory.


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